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Eyes of the Innocent EYES OF THE INNOCENT
A Carter Ross Mystery

The follow-up to Brad Parks' Shamus- and Nero-Award-winning debut

A house fire in Newark, New Jersey kills two young boys left home alone, and investigative reporter Carter Ross is dispatched to write a follow-up. With the help of the paper's newest intern, Lauren "Sweet Thang" McMillan, Carter discovers the fire isn't what is seems. Soon, he's plunged into a murky world of urban house-flipping and political corruption, and an ever-deepening mystery...

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Minotaur Books, Hardcover (February 2011), ISBN: 978-0312574789
Minotaur Books, Paperback (January 2012), ISBN: 978-1250002280

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"The novel reads like a bit of investigative journalism: told in reporter's prose, with dollops of humor, suspense, and violence. Like his creator, Ross is aware of the pain in the things he writes about. He's also aware that makes for darned good reporting."

"An enjoyable second mystery featuring a street-smart investigative reporter (after 2009's Faces of the Gone)... Once again, Parks, a former Washington Post reporter, deftly brings the personalities and dynamics of a modern-day city newsroom to life."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Who says white men can't jump? ... Street-smart Carter, appearances notwithstanding, has all the moves he needs to stay one step ahead. Or one jump. A breezy, entertaining sequel to Parks' well-received debut."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Zany characters, witty dialog, and a plot that races to a bang-up finish are guaranteed to have readers cheering for the good guys. Parks's sequel to his acclaimed debut, Faces of the Gone, is as good if not better. Think Lisa Scottoline meets Richard Yancey."
   —Library Journal (Starred Review)

"A capable follow-up to this author's award-winning debut mystery... Mr. Parks, himself a former newspaperman, knows this turf well. In the course of showing Ross nailing down the story, he has a lot of fun with office politics, Ross's love life, and the desire that a put-upon reporter may sometimes feel to have a conversation with a sympathetic Coke machine."
   —The Wall Street Journal (read the full review)

"Fast-paced, thoroughly satisfying... Carter Ross is not only a first-rate investigative reporter; he's also a first-rate comic. It's a rare mystery that provides a good laugh on almost every page. One can only hope that Brad Parks has more mysteries for Carter Ross to solve in future books."
   —The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger (read the full review)

"Imagine a book that melds the style of a Bob Woodward and a Janet Evanovich—and you have the flavor of Eyes of the Innocent by Brad Parks... Eyes of the Innocent is a funny, irreverent, yet intense murder thriller. Readers will find this one gritty and realistic, but tender and humorous."
   —Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star (read the full review)

"Brad Parks—aka the author—presents a banner-headline-worthy take on newsrooms and the struggling newspaper industry in this story of arson, political kickbacks, and murder, all fueled by the burst of the subprime-mortgage bubble. His scathing humor supplies the kicker to the many layers of his social and political critiques. Those sharp observations, always laced with a sense of humor, are going to help propel the author to the Top Ten bestseller lists, sooner than later."
   —'s Shine Magazine (read the full review)

"While some authors are known to fall into a bit of a sophomore slump on their second books, Parks has gained momentum. Eyes of the Innocent ignites the suspense on page one that grips the reader to the last page, to the final brilliant sentence... And when you think you have the mystery figured out, you discover that wasn't the actual mystery after all. Where the heck is Parks going with this? I predict he's going straight to another award-winning novel."
   —Jen Forbus, Jen's Book Thoughts (read the full review)

"Parks' second novel featuring investigative reporter Carter Ross deals with the timely topics of subprime mortgages and house-flipping, intensified by the criminal mind. Readers will meet colorful characters from the newsroom and the shady side of Newark in this fast-paced, suspenseful story. Parks' writing is clever and witty in this entertaining read."
   —RT Book Reviews

"Eyes of the Innocent is the complete package. With wonderful prose, witty observations and a relentless drive, this book held me hostage until the last page. Well done, Brad Parks!"
   —Michael Connelly

"The narrative, told in the first-person voice of Ross, is informed with a streetwise dry wit balanced with compassion and humanity. Faces of the Gone won the Nero and Shamus awards; if anything, Eyes of the Innocent is a better book than its predecessor, one that will firmly ensconce Parks's name on many must-read lists."
   —Joe Hartlaub, (read the full review)

"Though Brad Parks had Shamus and Nero awards thrown at his Faces—his debut novel, Faces of the Gone, that is—there's no sign of the sophomore slump in his follow-up, Eyes of the Innocent, which is even better than its predecessor."
   —Elyse Dinh,

"With Ross' keen editorial observations, his self-deprecating humor and his supporting cast of characters, "Eyes" is a welcome addition to my shelves of newspaper noir."
   —Carole Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (read the full review)

"An engaging and exciting crime novel series... Brad Parks is another wonderful modern New Jersey noir novelist to go on the shelf next to Harlan Coben."
   —Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post (read the full review)

"Eyes of the Innocent (is) even better than his Nero and Shamus award-winning mystery, Faces of the Gone... It's time for readers to discover Newark, New Jersey through Carter Ross' eyes, and with his sense of humor. Once you've seen his world, it will be the last time you can view newspapers, city government, or Newark through the Eyes of the Innocent."
   —Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques (read the full review)

"Parks has a real gift for taking dark subject matter, lightening it up with humor, and turning it into a hell of a page turner. Looking forward to the next book for sure."
   —Stacy Alesi, AKA The BookBitch

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