Faces of the Gone
The hardest-working interns in the book business were busy critiquing Brad's latest effort, a video shot by the fine folks at

"Brad has an awfully big forehead, doesn't he?" mused Sarah, the smart intern.

"Forehead?" said Zach, the silly intern. "That's more like an eighthead!"

No one laughed.

"C'mon," Zach urged. "Four head. Eight head. Because it's, like, twice the size?

Get it?"

Still nothing. Zach stared at his cubicle wall in frustration while the rest of our intern class shifted their attention back to the boss's video.

"He's getting a little thin up top," said Allison, the fashionable intern. "Someone should have told him to use that spray-on hair stuff."

"Someone did," Sarah said. "He ignored me."

"Maybe we should just put a disclaimer on it," Zach suggested. "You know, something like: 'WARNING: There's a reason why The Author never went into television.'"

But, in the end, we decided to leave the video as is, and it is now anchoring the brand new multimedia section at Granted, the video is currently the only thing in the multimedia section—so it's really more like monomedia—but in the coming months, we hope to expand this to include more video and audio.

In other news, Brad's publisher, St. Martin's Press/Minotaur, has released advanced copies of FACES OF THE GONE to reviewers all across the country. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by this young reviewer's enthusiasm:

Snooze & Reviews

Brad also did a Q&A for the St. Martin's Press/Minotaur publicity department, which you can download here.

Finally, Brad is scheduling the beginning legs of the Sometimes-Dashing Book Tour™. Mark your calendars now...

December 8, Charlton Performing Arts Center (Old Marston Gym), Christchurch School, Christchurch, VA
December 10, Newark Public Library, Newark, NJ
December 13, 3 p.m., Barnes & Noble, Springfield, NJ
December 19, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Twice Told Tales Bookstore, Gloucester, VA

...With lots more to come, hopefully at a bookstore, library or former gymnasium near

Best Wishes,
The Interns