Faces of the Gone

With all that's been going on at the office lately, the interns at have decided enough is enough: We need some reinforcements.

So we have set about hiring a new intern—and, yes, we're inviting you to apply (but, since we want to trick you into reading this entire message, which is filled with interesting news, we're going to make you wait all the way until the end of this rambling missive to get the details).

We're excited about our pending arrival and must have been talking about it a little too loudly the other day, because Brad looked up from his work—he's doing final edits on EYES OF THE INNOCENT, the much-awaited sequel to FACES OF THE GONE—and asked us what was going on.

"We need some extra hands around here," said Sarah, the smart intern. "We're tired of being overworked."

"Overworked?" Brad objected, then gestured toward Peter, the slothful intern. "He plays Mafia Wars on Facebook all day long!"

"Not true," Peter replied. "I've switched to Farmville."

Brad pointed at Zach, the silly intern: "And he spends all day thinking of fart jokes."

"Hey, what do you call someone who doesn't fart in public? A private tutor!" Zach replied. "Get it? Tutor!? Like tooter, only..."

Zach kept talking, but Sarah ignored him, laying out her argument that the burgeoning Carter Ross franchise will require more manpower in the coming months, pointing out the rash of recent developments:

  • Brad and his spectacular agent, Jeanne Forte Dube, have come to terms with St. Martin's Press for the third installment of the Carter Ross series. We're calling it ELBOWS OF THE USELESS, but only because Brad hasn't come up with the real title yet.
  • St. Martin's Press has announced that when EYES OF THE INNOCENT releases in hardcover in Winter 2011, FACES OF THE GONE will be put out in trade paperback, allowing those with an aversion to cloth binding to enjoy meeting everyone's favorite sometimes-dashing investigative reporter.
  • The fine people at—which is based in, of all places, Newark, N.J.—have purchased the audio rights to FACES OF THE GONE and EYES OF THE INNOCENT. (More details to come... No word on who will do the reading, though we're pulling for Morgan Freeman).

In addition, Sarah pointed out there have been several upcoming appearances added to Brad's touring schedule:

Friday, April 16, 7 p.m.
West Caldwell Public Library
Reading & Signing
West Caldwell, NJ
The interns say: Come celebrate National Library Week with Brad!

Saturday, May 1, 4 p.m.
Foul Play Books
Panel with Carla Buckley and Sophie Littlefield
Westerville, OH
The interns say: This is a joint appearance with Carla (THE THINGS THAT KEEP US HERE) and Sophie (A BAD DAY FOR SORRY). The Foul Play Books website is calling it a "ménage a trios," but Brad assures us it's not that kind of show.

Tuesday, May 25, 7 p.m.
Northumberland Public Library
Reading & Signing
Heathsville, VA
The interns say: This is part of the Friends of the Northumberland Library "Books Alive" series, which is a much better name for an author series than what Zach suggested: "Snakes on a Plane."

Sarah continued her argument: "New books, new appearances, audio books, paperbacks... there's too much to keep track of for the three of us. Especially with Peter distracted by his watermelons."

"Watermelons?" Brad said.

"Yeah, Farmville. Remember?"

Brad just grumbled and went back to work, but we're assuming he will eventually see things our way. (We'll start "forgetting" to stock the office fridge with Coke Zero if he doesn't).

Want to be considered for the job? E-mail a really impassioned argument as to why you should be the newest Intern to We'll announce the new hire in an upcoming issue of The Scoop: The Official Newsletter of the Carter Ross Fan Club.

Or, failing that, you can always send a fart joke—Zach loves them. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.


The Interns at