Eyes of the Innocent

With the nationwide release of EYES OF THE INNOCENT set for today, the rave reviews have been pouring into the offices of, forcing the interns to work overtime just to keep up.

It started Friday when The Wall Street Journal—yes, that Wall Street Journal—began the cheering, calling EYES OF THE INNOCENT "engaging" and "a lot of fun."

Then on Sunday, The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger chimed in with, "Fast-paced, thoroughly satisfying... a good laugh on almost every page." And the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star said, "Imagine a book that melds the style of a Bob Woodward and a Janet Evanovich and you have the flavor of Eyes of the Innocent by Brad Parks... funny, irreverent, yet intense."

"So much good news!" said Sarah, the smart intern. "We ought to celebrate."

"Definitely," said Zach, the silly intern. "And there's really only one thing we can do: toga party."

"Zach, we can't have a..." Sarah, the smart intern started to say, but was quickly drowned out.

"Toga! Toga! Toga!" Zach began chanting, loud enough that he woke Peter, the slothful intern, who joined in.

"Stop! Just stop!" Sarah hollered. "You think Grisham's interns have toga parties?"

"Grisham's interns probably get flown around in a private jet," Zach said. "Brad drives a Ford Fusion. We deserve a perk or two."

Brad, who was off looking for librarians to escort across the street, wasn't around to stop us. Further debate was drowned out when Peter, in an unusual show of initiative, pulled a blender out from under his desk and fired it up. Zach took Maggie, the clueless intern, down the street to a Laundromat and convinced her to help him to reconnoiter some sheets ("If it's been left in a public place, it must be free," he rationalized). And, just like that, the first-ever Intern Toga Party was underway.

Things were just getting good when Brad stormed into the office.

"What is going on here?" he demanded. "How dare you..."

"Boss, I can explain," Sarah began.

"Let me finish," Brad said. "I was going to say: How dare you start without me?!? Toga! Toga! Toga!"

The next thing we knew, Maggie was helping Brad into his own toga, and he had joined the fun. We're not sure exactly what happened next, only that at some point Sarah started snapping pictures, beginning with...

Brad giving his famous "Friends, Romans, Interns,
lend me your ears" speech...

Toga 1

Brad after reading The Wall Street Journal review
for the fourteenth time...

toga 2

Brad tries to corrupt Nero Wolfe...

corrupting Nero Wolf!

And, finally, there's The Morning After photo...

the morning after

"Why does it say 'SHAM' on his forehead?" whispered Maggie as Sarah put the camera away.

"We were writing 'Shamus' but we ran out of eyebrow pencil," Zach said.

"I don't even want to know what he did to get those beads," Peter said, yawning.

"Wow," Maggie said. "How much did he have to drink?"

"Actually, there wasn't alcohol in anything he had," Sarah said. "He got drunk on reading his reviews and passed out."

Don't worry, we'll have him sobered out in time for the Still-Dashing Tour™. In the meantime, please enjoy EYES OF THE INNOCENT release day responsibly—and happy reading!

Yours in Celebration,

The Interns