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Girl Next Door Large Type Edition

The assault came as soon as Sarah, the smart intern, walked through the front doors of the offices at Inside, she found Zach, the silly intern, bursting with the insouciant energy of a 22-year-old who doesn't get paid for his work but doesn't care because he now knows he'll be on his parents' healthcare plan through age 25.

"Hey there!" exclaimed Zach. "Is this a beautiful morning or what?"

"Yeah, I guess it's..." Sarah started.

"There's a bright golden haze on the meadow," Zach interrupted. "And the corn is as high as an elephant's eye."

"Are you applying for an internship at the Rogers and Hammerstein Foundation or something?" Sarah asked.

"No, I'm just really happy!"

"That's fine. Now could you please stop yelling?"

"I'm not yelling," Zach said. "I'm simply choosing an appropriate font size in which to announce that Brad's latest book, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, is now available in a large print edition."

"Okay, that's great," Sarah said. "Now knock it off with the large font already!"

And she actually was yelling.

"Sorry," Zach said. "Anyway, as I was about to say, it's great news because now readers of advanced ago—you know, like forty or something—can enjoy Brad's work."

"You seriously consider forty an advanced age?"

"You're right. I really should have said thirty-five."

And with that, Zach was banned from talking for the rest of the day. But he still wanted people to know the large print edition of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is now available from the publisher or can be ordered from your favorite bookseller, be it virtual or actual.

In other news, Brad has been named Toastmaster at Left Coast Crime 2014, a prestigious honor that nevertheless fell to him. (Maggie, the clueless intern, immediately started buying loaves of bread so Brad could practice until Sarah assured her it wasn't that kind of toast).

Meanwhile, the Tangled Up in Khaki Tour has now run its course. In case you missed it the interns have assembled a small photo montage (mostly to make you glad you did).

Here's Brad making some new fans at Velma Teague Library in Glendale, Arizona:

Glendale, AZ, We Love Brad

Here's Brad losing one of those fans:

Glendale, AZ, The Dip

Here's Brad at Sacramento City Cemetery, proving he can always be goaded into posing for a silly photograph, even in a place where such antics are probably inappropriate:

Sacramento Cemetery Statue

And here's this photo, taken at a nice event thrown for him by his friends at Jaffe Communications. It's not a particularly interesting picture, but it at least proves Brad did not wear the same beige colored blazer at every single tour stop:

Jaffe Communications

Finally, if you really did miss Brad on tour, you can watch this YouTube video taken of him at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, where he made most of the same jokes he did at all his other signings. If you hurry, you can be the 21st viewer.

Gaithersburg Book Festival

Hope you're having a great summer; or, sorry, in honor of Zach: Hope you're having a great summer.

The Interns

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