Everyone at the offices of was feeling nostalgic.

It was the ten year anniversary of the release of Brad's debut novel, Faces of the Gone, which came out on December 8, 2009.

That book went on to win two major crime fiction awards, the Shamus and the Nero, that no single title had ever won before. It launched a steady—if not always linear—ascent, with more awards and honors than Brad ever could have hoped for; with books that have made their way from the back of the store to the front; and with a publishing footprint that has spread from North America to places like Germany (guten tag!), China (ni hao!), and Israel (shalom!).

It's also been quite a decade for the interns at Ten years of antics from Zach, the silly intern; of Sarah, the smart intern, facepalming as a result; of confusion from Maggie, the clueless intern; of... whatever it is Peter, the slothful intern, does all day.

What a decade.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, the interns are revealing the cover to Brad's tenth novel, Interference, which releases from Amazon Publishing's Thomas & Mercer imprint this July and is now—ladies and gentlemen, start your browsers—available for preorder.

Pre-order Interference:
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"Ten years. Ten books," Zach said. "That's what they call synergy."

"No, Zach," Sarah said. "That's what they call a coincidence."

"Synergy. Coincidence. Those are basically cinnamons."

"You mean synonyms?"


Sarah facepalmed.

"How did ten years go by so fast?" Peter asked. "I mean, back then, we were just little interns. And now we're . . . Wait a second."

Right. Some things never change.

But a lot has, of course. Brad was just thirty-five when his first book came out, with more hair on his head and none on his face—a situation that has since reversed itself. But while his hairline has shrunk, the interns like to think Brad's writing has grown.

Interference reflects that maturity. In some ways, it's like Brad's previous nine books: A page-turning thriller that takes ordinary, relatable people—the kind of people you could meet in the grocery store—and throws them into extraordinary circumstances.

What makes Interference different is that it delves into the head-scratching concept of quantum entanglement, a state in which two particles can continue to act as if they're connected to each other, even when they've been separated by huge distances. A central question of the novel is: If two particles can become entangled . . . what about two people?

(Don't worry. You don't actually have to understand quantum physics to enjoy the story. Brad sure doesn't.)

"Ten years," Zach said again, this time shaking his head. "It's really been incredible to watch Brad go from a completely unknown author to a mostly unknown author."

"But Zach," Sarah protested. "He's won all those awards. His books have appeared in fifteen languages. He's been named one of crime fiction's sexiest authors."

"Right," Zach said. "As I was saying: Mostly unknown."

"Just think," Maggie said dreamily. "An eleven-year-old born on the day Brad's first novel came out can now legally drink."

Or something like that.

On a more serious note, Brad and the interns want to wish everyone a happy tenth anniversary. They are enormously thankful for those of you who have been along for all or most of the ride—and also to folks who are just now getting here.

Truly, none of what he types would matter if you weren't out there to read it.

Brad often talks about how privileged he feels to be able entertain people on the page for a living. He's thrilled by everything that's transpired over the last decade—and he already can't wait to see what the next decade brings.

Sentimentally Yours,

The Interns

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