The time was exactly 9:46 a.m. on Friday morning when Zach, the silly intern, burst dramatically into the offices of, his clothes disheveled, his hair askew.

After clearing his throat several times, he stood on a chair and pulled out his phone.

"Your attention everyone!" he announced in a stentorian voice. "The time is now . . ."

His voice trailed off as he stared intently at his phone.

". . . is now . . ." he continued.

The other interns—Maggie, the clueless intern; Peter, the slothful intern, and Sarah, the smart intern—exchanged puzzled glances.

". . . is now 9:47 a.m. on Friday!" Zach said triumphantly. "Making it the perfect time to propose that we do an entire newsletter about what happens in Unthinkable at 9:47 p.m. on Friday."

Sarah had already started shaking her head. "We can't do a whole newsletter about what happens on Friday at 9:47. For people who haven't read the book yet, it will make no sense."

"On the contrary," Zach said. "We can't not do a whole newsletter about Friday at 9:47. It's such a—"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The middle portion of Zach's rant has been removed because it contains spoilers.)

"—I mean, where did Brad even come up with Friday at 9:47?" Zach concluded.

"Oh, you know simpleminded Brad is," Maggie said. "It was probably 9:47 when he typed the sentence."

"No, Maggie, I mean the whole construction of the—"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: There he goes again.)

In addition to Zach's enthusiasm for the subject, what happens at 9:47 on Friday in Unthinkable, Brad's latest blockbuster of a thriller, has garnered the attention of critics, who have given the book a series of rave reviews.

Like this from the Associated Press: "The story is inventive, well written, fast-paced, and filled with twists."

Or this from The Wall Street Journal: "(Readers) will be rewarded with turns of fate and twists of plot more shocking than even the clairvoyant DeGange may have foreseen."

Or this from well-regarded mystery reviewer Jay Strafford, now with the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, who described Unthinkable as, "Addictive, thought-provoking and disturbing, it's a thumping good read."

Or this from Booklist: "The strong, taut suspense and the dramatic conclusion make this hard to put down."

In other news, for those who missed Brad's Unthinkable Launch Day Facebook Live performance and want to learn more about the book and its creation, it's still available for viewing here.

You can also Tweet questions to Brad. Or you can always just send an email to, which the interns encourage—mostly because it keeps the boss out of their hair.

Unthinkable is also currently being pitched around Hollywood as an episodic television drama by a brilliant young screenwriter (i.e. not Brad), but Brad isn't telling the interns much more about that because Zach has already started angling for a cameo.

And speaking of Zach . . .

". . . just didn't see any of it coming!" he was in the midst of saying. "It was so shocking, yet it also made sense, yet it was also filled with nuance. Nuance! Since when is Brad capable of nuance? Just the way it—"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: On further consideration, maybe it's best to just remove any further mention Zach from this edition of the newsletter altogether.)

Yours With Nothing Left To Say,

The Interns

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