You've had questions.

The interns at have had even more questions.

Where is Brad's next book?

Has he been writing at all?

What's taking him so long?

The answers Brad gave left the interns with only more questions.

He said he was writing (but was he really?). Then he said he was rewriting (which means what, exactly?). Then he said he got sidetracked by some ghostwriting projects (but he won't say what they are due to aggressively worded nondisclosure agreements?).

At one point, he even blamed Vladimir Putin.

"I had to give him credit for that one," said Zach, the silly intern. "Even I couldn't have come up with something that preposterous."

(It's true, though: Brad wrote an entire manuscript that centered around preventing Putin from invading Ukraine. It was a plot with ripped-from-the-headlines verisimilitude, at least until Feb. 24, 2022, at which point it became altogether too real and had to be thrown away.)

Yes, it's been a long two-and-a-half years since Brad last published anything. But now he and the interns have exciting news to share and a cover to reveal.

The next book is on its way.


It's called The Boundaries We Cross and it is set to release from Oceanview Publishing on Nov. 5, 2024. It features Charles Bliss, a teacher at an elite Connecticut boarding school, who is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Charles flatly denies the allegation. Then the student disappears, and there's only one way for Charles to clear his name:

Find her.

It's been called "perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and Jodie Picoult."

(This sent Zach scrambling to YouTube because he's never been sure how to pronounce Picoult. For the record: "pico," like pico de gallo.)

For Brad, whose family has lived on or near a boarding school campus for the last fifteen years, it's a novel a long time in the making; though he swears none of the schools he's been affiliated with are the inspiration for Carrington Academy. Well, not exactly, anyway.

The book can't come soon enough for the interns, all of whom had been having their own adventures since Brad published his last book, Unthinkable, in 2021.

Sarah, the smart intern, took a position at an A.I. think tank only to have her job replaced by ChatGPT.

Zach made a fortune in cryptocurrency, bought an island off the Azores, and briefly adopted the title "Fidalgo Cavaleiro." Then he lost the fortune, sold the island, and dropped all claims to Portuguese royalty in exchange for avoiding prison time.

Maggie, the clueless intern, started doing gig work on Fiverr, only to have increasing numbers of would-be clients insist she should work for diminished wages in exchange for "the experience" they were giving her. In reality, the only experience they were providing was with poverty.

And Peter, the slothful intern, did nothing.

He considers himself to have won the hiatus.

But no matter where they've been, they're now back in the fold. They've cleared the dust off the conference table in the offices of, swept the cobwebs out of the supply closet, and set the heads on the Brad Parks bobblehead dolls back to bobbling.

There will be more exciting updates in the months to come. But, in the meantime, Brad wanted to thank everyone who has reached out and found, ahem, polite ways to inquire what the heck he's been doing with himself for the past few years.

He's glad to finally have some answers.

Just don't ask him about Putin.

Yours from somewhere west of the Azores,

The Interns

The Boundaries We Cross

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