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Closer Than You Know

Crimereads: Crime Ficiton in the time of Trump
WH Smith: Writing from a female perspective
Poisoned Pen Blog: I hate Christopher Rice
Female First: The importance of hanging around
ShotsMag: The premise of Closer Than You Know

Say Nothing

A Personal Note from Brad
Brad Parks on Where He Wrote Say Nothing
Thriller Writer Brad Parks on What Scares Him
10 Things I Want My Readers To Know About Me
Why I Write
Don't Judge Me... or, wait, please do
How to be an Author

The Fraud

Author's car (and birthday) Saved By Superfan
What Does Brad Parks' Blog Title Even Mean?
The Writer's It Factor

The Player

Brad's Seven Step Guide to Being Well Published
Jungle Red Writers: The Moonlighting Dilemma
The Kill Zone: Waste Not, Want Not
Brad Parks: Book Brahmin

The Good Cop

Brad divulges his "filthy secret" in The New York Times
Brad talks about s*x at Jungle Reds
The Funny Thing About Thrillers

The Girl Next Door

The story behind the story of The Girl Next Door
The Thriller Guy
An article Brad wrote with a head injury
The Kill Bell
"I may be the dumbest mystery reader you've ever met."
On kids and libraries
"The Girl Next Door contains no puking babies"

Eyes of the Innocent

JungleRed Writers: Reverend Brad Explains It All
Lesa's Book Critiques: Stealing From The library
Do Some Damage: 10 Things Crime Fiction Writers Can Learn from Taylor Swift
The Lipstick Chronicles: Brad Gets Light-Headed
The Writing Life: Every Writer's Best Friend
The Rap Sheet: The Story Behind the Story
Word Nerd: Sonnets, Sardines and Community
The Thrill Begins: Things I Learned as a Debut Author
The Kill Zone: Getting the Dead out of Deadline
Meanderings and Musings: A Furry Question
7 Criminal Minds: ... Is Just Another World for Nothing Left to Lose
Shelf Awareness: Author and Books and Crannies, A Love Story

Faces of the Gone

Pens Fatales
Working Stiffs
Poe's Deadly Daughters
Do Some Damage
Kill Zone
Page 69 Test
Criminal Minds
The Local—The New York Times Hyperlocal Maplewood Blog
Shelf Awareness

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